alessandro zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli lives and works in Mantua, Italy. He studied industrial design and materials engineering at the Cova School of Design in Milan, and his career took off at bathroom designer Agape in 2000. A few years later, in 2003, he founded alessandro zambelli designstudio, activities mainly dedicated to industrial and product design.

During this period, he forged working relations with many other firms in the sector: Agape, Caimi Brevetti, Diamantini&Domeniconi, Disaronno, .exnovo, Ghidini, Maoli, Rudi Rabitti, Seletti, Skitsch.

In 2011 he won the European Consumers Choice Award, with Palace and in the 2012 NYIGF Award with School Joke chair.

Zambelli is a co-founder of Padiglione Italia, a designers’ collective which seeks to present the specifics of the Italian design scene. Zambelli has exhibited at the Beijing Design Week, Invito a Tavola (New York), the Tokyo Tableware Festival and F.O.O.D. (Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC) and other international design show.

He never sees his work purely as an exercise in style. He believes an inner soul must enliven every object. In 2013 he began a collaboration with .exnovo. One of its creations Afillia entered the ADI Design Index 2014 and won the Interior Innovation Award 2015.

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