Afillia COL Hanging

A concept borrowed from botanical science to define its nature and reveal its intimate essence: this collection of lamps takes its name from Afillia, in nature a plant without leaves. Emptiness and fullness, strength and lightness: space and its paradoxes. Rarified materials - the vacuum crosses between them - to create compact auras; air and light as true 'building components' of the object. And further, beauty and rationality, tradition and innovation: the old story of materials used in combination with the innovative technology of sintering.



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  • designerAlessandro Zambelli
  • collection.exnovo

series: Afillia
category: lamps
type: hanging
materials (shade \ structure): laser sintered polyamide  \ pine wood transparent varnished
colours (shade \ structure): white
maximum dimensions: Ø15,5x35 cm
shade dimensions: 15,5x7x24 cm
weight: 0,3 Kg
electrical components: 2 poles emerald green tissue cable
light source: LED Citizen, 9V, 3,1Watt
availability: 4 weeks

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