.exnovo began in 2010 as a brand of HSL. A European leader in additive manufacturing, HSL was the first company to apply this technology in Italy. We are pioneers in the use of professional 3D printing – an additive process that makes a solid object directly from a digital file –  to create design collections.

We conceive, design and manufacture lighting accessories and furnishings. Our products are highly personalized, made in limited editions or one-offs. Our secret is to place the technological tool of innovative 3D printing at the disposal of craftsmanship. Superbly crafted collections are the result. They express a boundless, unpredictable creativity which conventional production processes cannot hope to emulate.

We belong to a new generation of enterprises that move at ease between two worlds: hi-tech and handicrafts. Though deeply rooted in Italian expertise, we operate on a global scale, in direct dialogue with our end-customers. These contrasts inspire us to think and design, produce and distribute in entirely new ways. Crossing new frontiers, our design approach is innovative, immediate and aware.