Gio Tirotto & Stefano Rigolli

Gio Tirotto: his projects include graphic, product, interior design, exhibition fittings, and more. His last performance “Paris Eat’s Design” took place in Paris during the opening of the new LAGO store, 2011. Everything he designs comes from the attention towards what’s around him, living or inanimate. If there is a limit between art and design, he tries to erase it and re-design all the existing complicity among human beings and objects. This is the reason why he believes that rituals, memory and imagination are often the essential function of things.

Master degree in Design at Politecnico University of Milan, 2007.

Stefano Rigolli was born in 1986. Graduated at Politecnico di Milano, faculty of Industrial Design, he’s been cooperating for three years with Danese Milano, dealing with products development in lighting design. In 2013 he became a freelance designer and light developer, collaborating with Gio Tirotto Office for Ideas and Bulbo Light. In the same year he participated at PadiglioneItalia.

In 2013 their collaboration with .exnovo started.

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