Volume Applique

Volume is a light source, like an acoustic wave distributed in the space, generating diffused light and a play of shadows. A mirror shields the direct light, reflecting the surrounding space, giving the lamp both style and personality.

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  • designerMarco Lafiandra
  • collection.exnovo

series: Volume
category: lamps
type: applique
materials (shade \ structure): laser sintered polyamide, bronzed stainless steel
colours (shade \ structure): white  
maximum dimensions: 4,5x24x15,2 cm 
light source: LED strip 2Watt
2. VOLUME 3.1
maximum dimensions: 13,5x27x15,2 cm 
light source: LED strip 5Watt
3. VOLUME 3.2
maximum dimensions: 18x30,5x12,2 cm 
light source: LED strip 5,5Watt
maximum dimensions: 31,5x32x15,2 cm 
light source: LED strip 10Watt
weight: 1 Kg
electrical components: 2 poles transparent cable
availability: 6 weeks

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